Saturday, 12 January 2008

We're On Maddie's Team ... We Just Want To Help Her

The tearful mum of a tiny lookalike who hopes to play Madeleine McCann in a film insisted last night: "We only want to help." American Kris Pfister, whose three-year-old Kelsey Lynn Kulda bears a stunning resemblance to the missing tot added: "I feel for for Maddie's family - I am on their team." Kris, 42, sent out cute Kelsey's picture to a string of talent agiencies after hearing about proposals to make a movie on the vanished girl. The Sun told yesterday how a London lookalikes agency boss could make £9million from the big screen roll. A McCanns spokesman blasted the "shameless" scheme - calling it "disgraceful, hurtful and offensive." But last night divorecee Kris said at her US home: "It's not my intention to hurt the McCanns or profit from them or Madeleine at all. "I don't want to capitalise from their pain."

Heartbreak Of Wed Twins - It's Cruel Beyond Belief

By JAMES CLENCH - TWINS who unwittingly got married after they were seperated at birth were victims of a quirk of fate "cruel beyond belief," it emerged last night. The smitten brother and sister - adopted by different families - discover the shattering truth only after tying the knot. Against all odds they had met and fallen for each other - neither even knowing they had a twin.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Your Tyne Is Up, Sam (Boss Allardyce axed after 24 matches)

Sam Allardyce was sacked as manager of Newcastle United last night after just 24 games in charge. The axe fell after a string of poor results ending with a 0-0 draw in the FA Cup at Stoke City on Sunday. Big Sam had no idea as he drove to work yesterday morning that it was to be his final day as Newcastle boss. He spoke to me from his car phone on the way into training, chatting about how difficult it was to find reasonably-priced quality defenders and wondering how much he would get to spend in the transfer window. "Everyone is so expensive - I could do with about £150million" he laughed. Allardyce then talked of how he had beaten this weekends opponents at Manchester United while at his previous club Bolton and that football had a habit of producing shock results when they are least expected. "Can you really beat them?" I asked. "You never know, do you?" he said "If Bolton can do it, Manchester can." Allardyce took training and started preparing his team for the daunting task ahead. Then, at his 2pm Press Conference, he discussed attempts to sign Lassana Diarra from Arsenal and Wes Brown from Manchester United. Considering the pressure he has been under, Big Sam was in a relaxed mood and was still talking to the media at 3pm.